Lifestein is smart jewelry that automatically detects falls and alerts help. Keep your parents and grandparents safe without compromising their self-expression.


Dress Smart. Stay Connected.

Lifestein is smart jewelry that detects falls automatically and instantly notifies emergency contacts.

We rely on cutting-edge IoT-tech rather than outdated networks. This allows us to instantly notify you whenever your loved ones need help.

Lifestein is high-tech yet incredibly easy to use. There is no screen, no fidgety cables and no complex interface. It takes care of itself.

There is nothing your loved one needs to do, know or maintain.

These Features make Lifestein so unique

Automated Fall Detection

No need to press a button. Lifestein automatically detects falls but won't trigger when accidentally dropped.

Manual Alert

Falls aren't the only thing that can go wrong, so we made sure help arrives no matter what


Once a fall is detected Lifestein will locate your loved one via GPS and send the coordinates on to you.

Simple Interaction

Lifestein keeps it simple. The sensor lights up in different colors and vibrates so your loved ones know when help is on the way.

Easy to Setup

All you need to do is download our app and tell Lifestein how to notify you if a fall occurs. That's it.

100% Anonymity

We don't collect ANY personalized data from you or your loved ones. All we need to know is how to contact you. Keep your data.

Cascading Notification

We can notify the whole family - or just you. You decide, who gets informed at which time.

Wide Range of Channels

Lifestein offers a wide range of notification channels like SMS, Push and Desktop Notifications, Mail, etc.


Lifestein can be fully monitored via the app. It tells you e.g. if the battery is low or if the device hasn't been worn today.

Long Battery Life

Lifestein uses very little power and only pops into action once a fall happens, so there's no need to charge it every day.

Magnetic Charging

Lifestein comes with a easy to use charging station. Just place the jewelry on the pad and it automatically finds its place.

More to Come

We are constantly improving our tech and software. We already have a few cool features in the works that we know you'll love.

Coming soon!

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